About Us

Boom Crib is a child born out of  the desire to preserve musical projects, given the ever flooding in of new studio projects by young talents who comes in their thousands from all across the world . This is a home of sounds for those who are strongly attracted to its timeless nature and magical touch.

Music fans tends to easily lose track of time in a sea of amazing talents that keeps emerging. They easily forget the JEWELS OF YESTERDAY in their hunger to test new waters, only for them to come to that undeniable realization at some time , of how irreplaceable the previous generations of music projects are,  when the wave of their new musical adventure must’ve calmed down .

In the light of this. The preservation of the JEWELS OF YESTERDAY , Those works that have lightened the heaviest of hearts , those angelic beings that have brought along a musical lamp not only for their ecstatic souls , but for all those who grieves and suffer in a world where darkness never comes in short supply , regardless of what genre and time , becomes an honorable purpose to pursue. 

With that being said, All we are trying to do at Boom Crib is to build a giant library of music only for reference purpose , without the intention of infringing on the copyrights of the original creators of these timeless and priceless projects , knowing very well that no amount of money can ever equal to the soul , the life , the sweats , tears and sometimes blood invested in these projects to be able to make them grace our hearts. 

We are forever grateful for the lives and works of these projects creators and therefore do not encourage the illegal download of these works. Those who desires to own them should buy them. Boom Crib only serves as a Library and is solely for reference purpose. 

So with a heart full of Joy. We welcome you To Boom Crib.

Be Safe! Be Grateful! And Long Live The Gods!