Brandy Clark – Your Life Is a Record (Album)

Brandy Clark – Your Life Is a Record (Album)

We all know that Brandy Clark always bring’s the fire with her. The Singer returns once again since after her 2016 project titled Big Day In A Small Town.

The American country music singer and songwriter comes through with her third music studio project titled Your Life Is a Record. The project largely received a positive review by music critics. Some called it a fresh of breath air from the mainstream Rock music of today.

The 11 track studio project was released on March 06 2020 through Warner Bros Records. Meanwhile the production was handled by Jay Joyce.

Listen to the songs below and tell us what you think about it.

Tracklist :

  1. I’ll Be the Sad Song
  2. Long Walk
  3. Love is a Fire
  4. Pawn Shop
  5. Who You Thought I Was
  6. Apologies
  7. Bigger Boat
  8. Bad Car
  9. Who Broke Whose Heart
  10. Can We Be Strangers
  11. The Past is the Past

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