BTS – Blue & Grey (Lyrics)

BTS – Blue & Grey (Lyrics)

[Intro: V, Jung Kook]
Where is my angel?
The end of the day
Someone come and save me, please
A weary sigh of a tiring day
I guess everyone’s happy
Can you look at me? ‘Cause I am blue and grey
The meaning of the tears reflected in the mirror
My color hidden with a smile, blue and grey

[Verse 1: SUGA]
I don’t know where it went wrong
Since my youth, I’ve had a blue question mark in my head
Maybе that’s why I’ve been living so fiercely
But whеn I look back, I’m all by myself
That hazy shadow that swallows me up
The blue question mark still exists
Is it anxiety or depression?
How am I so regretful?
Or is it just me, one that loneliness gave birth to
I still don’t know, the ferocious blue
I hope I don’t erode away, I’ll find the exit

[Chorus: Jin, Jung Kook, Jimin, V]
I just wanna be happier
To melt the cold me
My hands have reached out countless times
Colorless echo
Oh, this ground feels so heavier
I am singing by myself
I just wanna be happier
Am I being too greedy?

[Post-Chorus: Jungkook & Jin, Jimin & V]
I felt when I walked on the cold winter streets
The sound of my fast heartbeat breathing
I still feel it
Don’t say it’s okay
‘Cause it’s not okay
Please don’t leave me alone, it hurts too much

[Verse 2: j-hope, RM]
On the road I always walk
There is a light that always shines
But today, the scene feels unfamiliar
Is it dull or is it broken?
This lump of metal feels heavy
A grey rhino is approaching
I’m just standing there without focus
I don’t feel like myself at this moment
I’m just not scared
I don’t believe in a God called conviction
Words like color make me cringe
A vast grey area is way more comfortable
Hundreds of millions of grey facial expressions here
When it rains, it’s my world
I dance over this city
On a clear day, bring some fog
On rainy days, we’re always together
A toast to all the dust here

[Chorus: Jung Kook, Jimin, V, Jin]
I just wanna be happier
Please feel the warmth of my hands
They’re not warm, so I need you more
Oh, this ground feels so heavier
I am singing by myself
In the distant future, when I smile
I’ll tell you I did

[Outro: V]
After secretly picking up the words in the air
Now I fall asleep at dawn, good night


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