Cornershop – England is a Garden (Album)

Cornershop – England is a Garden (Album)

You might wonder what kind of Garden The English people will probably have going on in their backyard. Or maybe your mind wander’s a little further in an attempt to understand what this amazing talents is trying to tell us given the fact that they might be proverbial with their terms.

British indie rock band Cornershop comes through with a new studio project titled England is a Garden. It’s been five years since the band group gave us something for our amusement and finally they bring us myriad musical experiment in this body of word. The project is an embodiment of political awareness and musical perfection.

The project houses a total of 12 songs and was released on 6th of March 2020 through Ample Play. This serves as a follow up to their 2015 studio project Hold On It’s Easy.

Listen to the songs below and tell us what you think.

Tracklist :

  1. St Marie Under Canon
  2. Slingshot
  3. No Rock Save In Roll
  4. Everywhere That Wog Army Roam
  5. King Kongs
  6. Highly Amplified
  7. England Is A Garden
  8. Cash Money
  9. Morning Ben
  10. I’m A Wooden Soldier
  11. One Uncareful Lady Owner
  12. The Holy Name

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