Donald Glover – 3.15.20 (Album)

Donald Glover – 3.15.20 (Album)

Get in here fams! Finally a child has been born. Guess what. The much anticipated studio album by Donald Clover is here and guess what. It is so hot. Music critics have left a lot of positive reviews about the project.

The California born actor , comedian, writer, producer, director, musician, and DJ had been teasing fans for a while now in regards of his upcoming studio album. If we remember correctly that on the 15th of March 2020 (3.15.2020), a mysterious website with the name “Donald Glover Presents” began the streaming of a 12 songs collection by Glover who is professionally know in the music sphere as Childish Gambino. The website was immediately taken down and the 12 songs collection went into thin air.

It was a hurting experience for his fans around the world. But for those of us who didn’t get to listen to the songs. They have officially resurfaced under the title 3.15.20 , being the date that it first surfaced.

The 12 track cryptic album features guest appearances from Ariana Grande , 21 Savage, and Khadja Bonet. It was officially released on March 22 2020.

Liten to the songs below and tell us what you think about it.

Tracklist :

  1. 0.00
  2. Algorhythm
  3. Time (ft. Ariana Grande)
  4. 12.38
  5. 19.10
  6. 24.19
  7. 32.22
  8. 35.31
  9. 39.28
  10. 42.26
  11. 47.48
  12. 53.49

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