Jay Z Talks About The Pandemic And How He Want’s to Be Remembered

Jay Z Talks About The Pandemic And How He Want’s to Be Remembered

American rapper Jay Z has remained one of the most influential rappers in Hip Hop. The 51 year old Mogul with an unending list of portfolio, has confessed that the Pandemic , even though it affected some part of his life, never stopped him from getting busy.

The rapper , in an interview with UK’s The Sunday Times, flashed back on his career and spoke a little on how he wants to be remembered.

“I have no idea,” Hov said. “I’m not beyond ego, right? Hopefully they speak of me [with] the names of Bob Marley and all the greats. But that’s not for me to say.”

When asked what he was most proud of, Hov said, “I’m most proud of overcoming my circumstances and providing opportunity for people who look like me and who came from the same situation that I’ve come from.”

He then went ahead to talk about how the pandemic affected him. Having him grounded with his familly. Sparking a better connection among them.

“In the beginning, it was time for everyone to sit down and really connect, and really focus on family and being together, and take this time to learn more about each other,” he said. “And then, as it wore on, it’s like, ‘OK, all right, what is the new normal?’ If anything came from this, it’s that we have to recognize that we’re all connected. It’s a metaphor for how connected we are.”

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