MC Eiht – Official (Album)

MC Eiht – Official (Album)

The West Coast brings us good tides. Who is ready for this one? This is like Summer coming early. This is not for mumble rap lovers. But if you love that old HipHop element in your ears then this is for you.

Veteran West Coast rapper MC Eiht brings us new solid and lengthy studio album titled Official. The project is more like a touch down on real Hip Hop. Taking you back to the eighties style of delivery.

The 27 track studio project features guest appearance from Xzibit , Problem, The chill, Cherell Terri ,Tingi Star and many more. It was released on March 21 2020. Listen to the songs below and tell us what you think.

Tracklist :

  1. Once Upon A Time
  2. Bring Em All ft. Cherell Terri
  3. Profiles ft. Xzibit & Problem
  4. Bacc n the Day
  5. How U Do That ft. CHILL
  6. Neighborhood Feelin
  7. Compton ft. The chill of cmw
  8. You The One ft. Tha chill cmw, Cherell Terri
  9. Good Day
  10. Bluestamp Anthem ft. Tha chill of cmw
  11. Up That
  12. Hustle ft. Tha chill of cmw
  13. Notorious
  14. Tru Story ft. Tha chill of cmw & Cherell Terri
  15. How We Do ft. Tinigi Starr
  16. Mission Complete ft. Tha chill of cmw
  17. Shoot Em Up ft. Tha chill of cmw
  18. Sirens ft. James Savage
  19. Intermission
  20. Bang On Em
  21. Why ft. Tha chill of cmw
  22. Long Time Coming ft. Tha chill of cmw
  23. Victim 2
  24. Neighborhood Reup ft. Tha chill of cmw
  25. My Thang
  26. 3eihty
  27. Official

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