Money Man – State Of Emergency (Mixtape)

Money Man – State Of Emergency (Mixtape)

The world is going through some difficult times. Leaders of various nations are having their country placed on hold and declaring State Of Emergency in a Twinkle of an Eye. Money Man just followed suit.

The American rapper has once again blessed us by declaring a State Of Emergency with his recently released Mixtape. The 13 track studio project was released in March 20 2020 through 916% Entertainment.

Nobody can deny the subtle way with which Money Man places his art on display. He is never the one to come through with wack lyrics. You can listen to him for hours without shifting on your seat. Once again he proves that he is here to stay.

Listen to the songs below and tell us what you think about it.

Tracklist :

  1. 2 Milly
  2. Fall Today
  3. On the Go
  4. Billy
  5. Doubted Me
  6. Jumping Back
  7. You See It
  8. Beat the Odds
  9. Above Average
  10. Ran Outta Wind
  11. Goin Hard
  12. My Address
  13. 3D
  14. Genius


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