Riz Ahmed – The Long Goodbye (Album)

Riz Ahmed – The Long Goodbye (Album)

Something from the UK Hip Hop scene is always a breath of fresh air and this particularly is a captivating one.

Riz Ahmed with his incredible writing style walk’s us through every detail surrounding the recent Breakaway by the United Kingdom from the E.U with his studio project titled The Long Goodbye.

This is a 15 track solid project , nevertheless , a walk through the album will witness a steady stop sign by the many skits by the rapper and actor.

This is a well written piece with a lot of energy and emotions. It’s a true testimony fams.

Listen to the songs below and tell us what you think about it.

Tracklist :

  1. The Breakup (Shikwa)
  2. Toba Tek Singh
  3. Mindy: Take Half
  4. Fast Lava
  5. Ammi: Come Home
  6. Any Day
  7. Mahershala: Don’t Do Anything Stupid
  8. Can I Live
  9. Yara: Look Inside
  10. Where You From
  11. Mogambo
  12. Chabuddy: Go Southall
  13. Deal With It
  14. Hasan: Rush Hour 2
  15. Karma

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